Video: Blago, SEIU, and Card Check

The opponents of Card Check have seized on the discussions noted in the complaint against Rod Blagojevich between the disgraced governor of Illinois and an apparently high-ranking official of the SEIU. The discussions surrounded what the union could do for Blagojevich if he appointed someone that would do the union’s bidding — and that means a stalwart on the EFCA and the end of secret ballots. Workforce Fairness Institute has a web ad making the point that corruption surrounds the Card Check proposal, for good reason:

Stripping workers of their right to a secret ballot in union organizing elections will remove an important safeguard against intimidation and corruption.  Forced unionization will bring millions more in dues to unions like the SEIU so that they can offer these kinds of solutions to corrupt politicians.

There is nothing wrong with workers organizing, if they choose, to collectively bargain with management when conditions require it.  But the secret ballot requires unions to make the positive case for representation, and intimidation tactics will scare off workers when the vote occurs, which means that unions have to behave themselves to at least a certain extent to remain viable.  Removing that safeguard will create an environment where the biggest bullies will succeed the most.

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