Video: MS-NBC producer gets wicked tingle up his leg; Update: Hoax?

Consider this the answer to the notorious Bill O’Reilly meltdown clip, courtesy of the Jawa Report.  Instead of on-air talent screaming at the producer, this time we get an MS-NBC producer screaming at his staff in language that would violate FCC standards … if they applied to a cable channel.  Needless to say, this is not safe for work, school, church — you get the drift:

Forget the kids. Did everyone make it out of the control booth alive?

It’s easy to see what prompted the eruption. The correspondent on scene wasn’t ready to start, and the producer blew a gasket when she appeared on the screen, laughing and staring off camera.  That kind of production error makes everyone look amateurish — but not nearly as amateurish as screaming so loudly on set that it drowned out the anchor, who gamely tried to remain composed while staring at the commotion.

Oh, and let’s not miss the “dumb b***h” comment about the correspondent.  For a network already heavily criticized for its allegedly sexist coverage of the Democratic primaries and Hillary Clinton, that remark will certainly add to their credibility with their female viewers.

Update: Chris Mata at 23/6 claims he faked the audio track on this.  If so, nice job coordinating it with the eye movements of the host.  Skeptical commenters appear to have been vindicated.