Interview: John Ziegler

We couldn’t connect for today’s show, thanks to his busy schedule, so instead John Ziegler and I connected via phone a little while ago to discuss his new poll at How Obama Got Elected.  John explains the purpose and what he sees as the message from his latest poll, which confirms the earlier poll Ziegler commissioned, and it’s not to argue that Barack Obama voters are stupid:

Over at Fox, John explains the reason for the second poll:

Next, I issued a challenge on national TV to liberals to duplicate the Zogby results with McCain voters (and offered to pay for it myself if McCain voters didn’t outperform Obama voters on the “quiz”). Despite loads of belly-aching from the left that Zogby only polled Obama voters no legitimate takers took me up on my offer. So I decided to go ahead and do it myself. Zogby, seemingly intimidated by the firestorm of negative reaction, declined to take my money to do virtually the identical poll that his company was thrilled to do just a week before.

After discovering that other polling outlets were similarly frightened by the prospect of having the Obama-backers harass them, I was able to find a reputable one that was not. If ever there was proof of the adage “Be careful what you wish for…” the results of the ensuing survey are it. The Obama-backers are going to have to reignite their spin/assault machine of rationalization in a huge way.

The conclusions that can be drawn from this new poll are multiple and really rather staggering. In general, McCain voters were significantly more well-informed than their counterparts, and there is overwhelming evidence that the gaps in knowledge are directly related to the media sources they were exposed to.

In this interview, we talk less about these issues and more about the implications of the second survey. John wants to emphasize that the point he’s making is about the media and their failure to inform their viewers. Honestly, with as much attention focused on the prospects of one-party government in the event of an Obama victory, what does it say about CNN’s coverage that more than half of their viewers in this survey couldn’t select which party controls Congress? At 48%, that underperforms just flat-out guessing for a two-option question.

It’s always fun talking with John, because he brings so much passion to the conversation. Don’t miss this entry. It’s about 22 minutes long.