Bollywood as clueless as Hollywood

One might think that an attack like Mumbai just suffered, in which as many as 300 died, might tend to focus the minds of Indians on the true definition of terrorism.  Not according to Bollywood, India’s film industry, which apparently has more in common with Hollywood than just a clever twist on the name:

On the evening of Nov. 26, the biggest names in Bollywood walked the red carpet at the Bombay premiere of “The President Is Coming,” a comedy about six 20-somethings vying to win the right to shake hands with President Bush.

Among those in attendance at the star-studded premiere Wednesday evening was Bollywood’s “new heartthrob” Imran Khan, who proudly posed for paparazzi donning a T-shirt with Mr. Bush’s face sandwiched between the words “International Terrorist.”

Mr. Khan – a member of India’s Muslim minority – chose not to mock international terrorists who kill in the name of Allah. He and his co-religionists know the deadly results for those who do.

At the precise moment Mr. Khan and hundreds of others making their fortunes in the multibillion-dollar Indian movie business were watching “The President Is Coming,” only a few blocks away, 10 20-something Muslim extremists began a horrific three-day terror spree.

Azam Amir Kasab, the sole surviving terrorist, told his saviors, “I was told to kill to my last breath.” The 21-year-old Pakistani stated that the group’s goal was to kill 5,000 people. Overall, at least 174 people died and more than 300 were injured.

Andrew Breitbart reports that Khan wore this shirt despite the deaths of family members of other members of the Bollywood community.  Khan’s shirt may have been the most obvious evidence of cluelessness — and the most crass — but he was hardly alone.   They’re busy blaming the police for their ineptitude rather than the terrorists themselves (with some justification) while declaring the terrorists insane and demanding that the same authorities chase after them with butterfly nets rather than guns, which seems wildly contradictory to everyone outside of Bollywood … and Hollywood.

Interestingly, George Bush has a much higher approval rating in India than in the US.  Forty-five percent approve of his job performance, while 34% disapprove.  I’d bet that number rises in the wake of Mumbai as the people of India have more sense than their film industry and realize who the real terrorists are — and which leader has managed to keep his own nation safe from them since 9/11.  Part of that success comes from recognizing who the real terrorists are, and ignoring the pop-culture twits who can only take cheap shots at the safe targets from the sidelines.  (via Power Line and Instapundit)