Jim Martin #11: Gun rights

The NRSC has another in its series of web ads in the Saxby Chambliss/Jim Martin runoff race for the Senate seat in Georgia. Today they take a closer look at Jim Martin’s record on guns:

As I noted before, this goes back to his questionnaire answers in 2000 at Project Vote Smart, and Martin’s not completely awful on Second Amendment issues.  He wants increased background checks on gun-show purchases and mandatory child-locks on firearms, which the NRA opposes but aren’t exactly gun-grabbing, either.  Martin wants better enforcement of existing gun laws, which the NRA also wants.  He opposes concealed-carry, which is just foolish, and for some reason opposes the 10-year minimum sentencing for anyone carrying an unauthorized weapon on school grounds.

The bigger issue with Martin and guns is whether he would stand up to Barack Obama on gun-control legislation.  Martin has practically campaigned as Obama’s Igor during the general campaign and the run-off, telling voters that Obama needs him to ensure that his platform sails through Congress.  Obama cut a 60-second radio spot for Martin with the same message.  Who wants to bet their guns on Martin, with that kind of rhetoric?

It’s another reason to act now to help re-elect Saxby Chambliss to the Senate.  You can help by contributing to Saxby Chambliss here or at the NRSC, and learning more about Martin’s record here.