Voter fraud in Minneapolis?; Update: Video added

Our local Fox affiliate in the Twin Cities gave a last-minute update on ACORN and its efforts to register voters, over and over again.  The latest scandal appears to be ACORN’s registration of convicted felonsfrom prison:

Tomorrow may set a record for voter turnout in Minnesota, but the Fox 9 Investigators discovered one group registered to vote, who shouldn’t be voting at all. They’re convicted felons, and in some cases they’re registering to vote from prison. How is that possible? Reporter Tom Lyden searched hundreds of thousands of data records to find the answers.

Fox 9 does not provide an embed code for their video, so you’ll have to click over to their page to view the report.  Mostly it’s a rehash of ACORN allegations from around the country, but we can now count Minnesota as yet another state in which an investigation will get launched into ACORN’s practices. The mention of prison registrations comes in Part II of the interview, so be sure to see both links.

If ACORN goes to prisons to register voters, that’s about as explicit an act of registration fraud one can show in court.

Update: Here’s the video from part II:

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Jazz Shaw 8:01 PM on December 06, 2022