Video: Obama's attack ad on ... Obama

Mary Katharine Ham has collected a number of Barack Obama’s contradictory statements, and proved once again that Team McCain could have used her as a captain. This, truly, is change you can believe in:

In an earlier age, this kind of backtracking would sink a candidacy. Think, for instance, of John Kerry and his flip-flops just four years ago. Barack Obama turned them into an art form and somehow managed to fool a whole lot of people into thinking it looked presidential.

We could have used a 30-second spot with these a few weeks ago, before and after the financial crisis hit.  Unfortunately, one 30-second spot couldn’t have possibly covered the breadth of Obama’s contradictions on the stump. The big one, on Iran, did manage to make it into one of the final spots of the McCain campaign last week.  Let’s hope it sinks into the minds of the undecided voters.

Update: MKH sends a new mix to replace the old.

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