Rendell spokesman: Republicans have a "Jim Crow" attitude

Ed Rendell’s administration keeps the hate alive in Pennsylvania.  After the state GOP filed a lawsuit to have Pennsylvania enforce voter-registration laws regarding thousands of entries filed by ACORN, Rendell’s spokesman said it displayed a “Jim Crow attitude”:

The head of the county bureau of elections hasn’t encountered any suspected voter registration fraud, but allegations in other parts of Pennsylvania  have sparked a lawsuit and a verbal exchange between a state official and the Republican Party.

The Pennsylvania Republican Party filed a lawsuit to assure the vote count is accurate – a move that Gov. Ed Rendell’s press secretary described as a “Jim Crow attitude.”

This must be a demonstration of that famously post-racial direction the Democrats pledged to take when they nominated Barack Obama.  Instead, enforcing existing registration laws has now become “racist”.  When did that happen?  When Obama’s ACORN allies began flooding the zone with thousands of fraudulent registrations in over a dozen states.

What exactly does Governor Rendell do, anyway?  As chief executive of Pennsylvania, he has the duty to enfore the state law.  If he’s not up to the task — or if he thinks that existing state law is “racist” — why doesn’t he quit?

And, by the way, let’s remember which political party imposed Jim Crow, and kept it in place until the federal government forced an end to its practice.

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