Exclusive premiere: VFF ad goes after Murtha

Vets for Freedom has a new ad out attacking John Murtha, which will go live on their website tomorrow and into Pennsylvania homes this evening.  VFF gave Hot Air an exclusive look at the spot, and it’s terrific:

The ad hits Murtha for his repeated smears of the Marines in Haditha. Rather than wait for an investigation and a court-martial to determine what happened, Murtha pronounced the accused Marines of war crimes, as the clip shows. Why? He opposed the war and tried to exploit the Haditha tragedy for political purposes. That’s about as craven as it gets, and the collapse of the charges against the Marines involved demonstrate Murtha’s culpability.

VFF uses a good tone in this spot. They could have really waved the bloody shirt, but instead stuck to the facts and kept the hyperbole out.  “Duty and honor should always come before politics,” one veteran states, and the ad notes that Murtha used to understand that — as a former Marine himself.

In any normal cycle, and without pork distorting the electoral process, Murtha’s behavior on this issue would be disqualifying for re-election.  As it is, this may yet be secondary to Murtha’s accusing his constituents of being racists.