NRSC ad: "Unfit for Office"

With the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s surprise endorsement of Norm Coleman for re-election to the US Senate, one might expect most people to consider this race over.  The NRSC does not want to take any chances.  Over the weekend, they released a hard-hitting negative ad intended for statewide play for the next week:

Normally, I’d say that this may be gilding the lily. We’ve heard about these issues with Franken repeatedly for the last three or four months, thanks to the deluge of advertising in the state. However, we’re the same people who elected Jesse Ventura as Governor, and obviously cannot be trusted in statewide elections for at least a generation as a result.

The NRSC released this ad on Saturday morning, before the Strib’s endorsement had been seen. Maybe they’ll want to cut one more, relying on that more explicitly to describe Franken’s unfitness for office. After all, when the Star-Tribune fails to endorse a Democrat — and goes as far as endorsing his Republican opponent — that says something about the Democrat in question and his temperament and qualifications for office.