Goldberg: "Something is going on here..."

Bernard Goldberg weighs in on the Tanning Bed Media and its protection of Barack Obama on Fox & Friends today. The author of Bias accuses CNN of journalistic malpractice in its handling of the Sarah Palin interview, but he saves his real blasts for the Barack Obama/Joe Biden campaign. Goldberg says that Biden showed “arrogance” in his treatment of Barbara West of WFTV, and the punishment from Team O for her supposed impertinence portends a big problem for American journalism in an Obama administration:

What I find most remarkable is how complacent the national media has become in the face of this outright antagonism from Team O. The reporters embedded in the campaign have become a little restive, but hardly anyone else wants to talk about Obama’s lack of responsiveness. While the media analyzed Palin’s lack of access to death, no one has talked about how neither Obama nor Biden have held press conferences in over a month, nor much about how they’ve frozen WFTV out of interviews since West started asking Biden tough questions.

Maybe they saw what happened to Joe the Plumber and have been intimidated into silence. Nah, that can’t be it. After all, they participated in that character assassination. Maybe they just love Obama more than free speech and an independent media.

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