Russell has new ad in PA: "Dear Mr. Murtha"

William Russell may provide one of the bright points for the GOP in nine days, as his quest to unseat John “King of Pork” Murtha looks less like a long shot and more like a reality.  He has a new ad for voters in Murtha’s district, and it’s a winner — even if it pulls one particular punch:

You could also call this a Dear John letter, a missive ending a long relationship. However, I find one omission puzzling. Why not hit Murtha for calling his constituents “racists” and “rednecks”? I suspect those comments would also find their way into a Dear John letter from voters in Murtha’s district, and they may not be as polite as the message Russell created for this ad.

Then again, when breaking up with someone, you don’t necessarily want them to go away mad. You just want them to …go away.

Want to help Murtha go away, mad or otherwise?  You know what to do.