Obama supporter steals vote from disabled man

Georgia state officials have begun an investigation into Primus Industries and the alleged voter fraud committed by one or more of its employees. Jack Justice attends the adult day care provided by Primus for mentally-challenged individuals, and one or more Primus aides took them to an early voting event without permission from their families. Once in the booth, the aide cast the ballot for Barack Obama over Justice’s protestations:

WALB does a good job in its initial report on the story. If the Tanning Bed Media gets involved, which of these people/entities would get violated by invading their privacy unnecessarily?

  • Primus Industries’ owners
  • The aide that stole the vote
  • Jack Justice

I suspect the answer is #3.  Read Michelle’s column today on Operation Destroy Joe the Plumber, and you’ll probably agree.  We would probably have to give this the name Operation Destroy Justice.

The aide may have more problems than just a voter-fraud charge, although that’s enough; it’s a felony in most cases.  If he or she signed an oath as the report states, then Georgia could also charge the aide with perjury, which will get several years in prison.  Maybe the aide will hope for a presidential pardon if he or she steals enough votes …