Franken gets nasty ... again

Anyone following the public career of washed-up comedian, washed-up radio host, and washed-up pundit Al Franken should not be surprised to see him lose his cool in public.  Almost predictably, Franken got into Norm Coleman’s face after apparently losing a debate last night in Minnesota.  Michael Brodkorb has video, an explanation, and the world’s longest URLs:

Franken, visibly upset, continues to get in Senator Coleman’s face. Franken is seen on film staring Coleman down as he finally recognizes that Mrs. Franken is trying to get his attention. I slowed down the final few second so you can really see Franken’s anger. Please note Franken staring at Coleman at the end. Franken was cleary upset. …

My sources said that Franken was very upset and was speaking with a raised voice.  Mrs. Franken reportedly ran on stage to get Franken away from Coleman.

Not Al Franken!  Not the man who had to be pulled away from Laura Ingraham’s producer at the 2004 Republican convention after trying to pick a fight.  Not the man who tackled a heckler at a Democratic rally.  Not the one who laced his on-stage political tirades with f-bombs, at least until he ran for office.

Franken doesn’t go wild in this video, but he’s clearly trying to intimidate Coleman, and just as clearly failing. His wife has to come around the table to get his attention away from Coleman.  It’s not the most egregious moment of Franken’s captured on video, but it does show a man with an unsuitable temperament for public office.  At best, Franken is too immature to be taken seriously.  He just conducted a debate with Coleman — why not make his arguments then to the public, rather than act out childishly like some sawed-off playground bully?