Alert the Media, and a Dean Barnett update

John Gibson will have me as a guest at 6:35 ET to discuss Joe the Plumber, and the remarkable and personal attack on him.  The Boss calls it Joe the Plumber Derangement Syndrome; it looks like another extension of the Coming Obama Thugocracy.  Be sure to tune in — John has a lively show and always has some surprises in store!

On a more personal note, I’ve received an update on Dean Barnett and his struggle through a life-threatening attack of his cystic fibrosis.  It’s a mix of good and bad:

Dean is still in the ICU, sedated and in critical condition and hooked into the ventilator for breathing.  His kidneys have begun failing (due to the powerful antibiotics), so they’re starting dialysis to support the kidneys in order to continue the drugs that we hope will address the lung infection.  So, while he declined over the course of this week, there are some hopeful signs — there are some very slight indications that the latest drug combinations (which they have been changing on a near daily basis) are beginning to work on the lungs.  He has hung on – with the help of everyone’s prayers and through sheer will and toughness – and I really believe that if he can just hold on a little longer, we’ll see stronger signs of a turnaround.

Though he is heavily sedated, believe me, I made him aware of last night’s unexpected come-from-way-behind Red Sox win.  I think he heard me and I have to think that will help as well.

Thanks again for your prayers and support.  Dean is going to make it, I’m sure of it.  Many would not under these circumstances, but Dean will.

Keep the Barnetts in your prayers.  They could use all of the support we can give them.