Joe the Plumber: Obama's plan a "socialist slippery slope"

Good Morning America’s Diane Sawyer spoke with Joe Wurzelbacher this morning. Having become the nation’s most famous plumber, Wurzelbacher explains that he doesn’t make $250,000 now, but hopes to do so as a small business owner. And he sees no reason why that will remain the cutoff in an Obama administration, anyway:

It sounds like Joe may have liked Steve Forbes in earlier campaigns, and for good reason. He gets to the heart of the argument with Sawyer when he talks about penalizing success, and that Americans should get treated equally. Why do we have escalating tax brackets on higher incomes at all? Why are we penalizing the success that we proclaim as the American Dream?

Democrats like to play class warfare games, but Joe isn’t having any of that. He notes that $250,000 is a mighty arbitrary figure, and nothing prevents Obama from suddenly deciding that $150,000 is the entry-level point for the wealthy, or $100,000. It’s a “slippery slope”, he tells Sawyer, and it’s socialism.

Joe’s not terribly impressed with “The One”, either, as he tells John Gibson (via Johnny Dollar):

In the future, though, Joe may want to steer clear of the tap-dancing analogies.

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