Howard Stern audio: Obama's supporters on policy

Yesterday I wrote about how irrelevant Howard Stern had become since moving to Sirius satellite radio, and of course that’s when he made a splash in the election. Stern sent a reporter to interview people on the street to find out why they supported Barack Obama — and whether they understood his policy positions at all. Hilarity ensued:

The reporter attributes John McCain’s policy positions to Obama, such as being pro-life and in favor of keeping troops in Iraq until victory — and Obama supporters enthusiastically support them. So what does this prove?

  1. American voters are largely ill-informed.
  2. People vote for brands, not policy.
  3. If you spend two hours doing candid interviews, you can always find at least two minutes of ridiculous answers to fill air time.

I suspect the answer is a blend of all three, but I’m betting on #3 as the largest contributing factor.