Audio: The Dial Tone of Deep Concern

Cleveland’s Bob Frantz of WTAM 1100 wanted to ask Brian Clark, communications director for Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, about the court battles she has waged to keep from having to address allegations of voter fraud in early voting. Frantz tries to get Clark to discuss why Brunner blocked independent observers from the process, and disagrees with Clark when he tries to lay blame off on the Ohio legislature. When he confronts Clark with actual evidence of ACORN’s registration fraud in Cleveland, Clark responds with The Dial Tone of Deep Concern:

The point about election observers seems especially absurd. I’m sure the Ohio legislature didn’t prohibit observers for early voting efforts.  If evidence arises that outside groups have tampered or will tamper with an election, the Secretary of State has a duty to act to prevent it, and Brunner has all the authority she needs to protect the process.

Obviously, she and her team are not interested in protecting the voting process, the primary task of her office.  Why not?  You can draw your own conclusions, but I don’t think ACORN is agitating to get more people to vote Republican.

Frantz demonstrates how badly they have positioned themselves on this.  He was neither abusive nor blocking Clark from speaking, and yet Clark simply couldn’t handle the conversation.  Clark hung up because Clark has no answer to Frantz’s questions.