Photos: Minnesota Left's political tolerance

Tonight, as we prepare for our Debate Party tonight at Trocadero’s, one of the listeners for our radio station AM 1280 The Patriot has to prepare for some hard work cleaning his work van and personal car.  He made the mistake of thinking that he could have a bumper sticker showing his support of the station without thugs vandalizing his vehicles.  At least he remains in high spirits, as he e-mailed the station with the subject heading, “The Power of a Patriot Bumper Sticker”:

I thought you might find these photos interesting. I’ve attached photos of the way I found my van this morning. Evidently, leaving a car parked on the street with Patriot and McCain bumper stickers is intolerable to Obama supporters. They didn’t remove the sticker from my wife’s Volvo, though. However, it appears that someone in my neighborhood didn’t like it. Luckily, they didn’t use permanent spray paint, just some really annoying stuff that was hard to wash off.

I’ll look forward to the debate this evening.

They took their time in vandalizing the panel van:

They also take the time to spread the love for Al Franken, too:

And they came prepared.  They brought both black and white paint:

Now, what kind of people would put this much energy into defacing other people’s property simply because they had Patriot and McCain bumper stickers on one of the cars?  Usually, the same kind of people who screech constantly about “tolerance” and the closed-mindedness of Republicans.  Fraters Libertas has more.