RNC Ad: "Worse"

The RNC attempts to link Barack Obama’s spending plans to the bailout proposal that fell to defeat yesterday in their new ad. The new ad, titled “Worse”, will begin running in battleground states:

This could be an effective attack. American voters overwhelmingly opposed the bailout plan, which probably led to its rejection just five weeks before all 435 House members had to endure the scrutiny of the electorate. Noting that Obama wants to spend this kind of money apart from a bailout and in addition to a bailout could make his spending pledges a little more resonant with voters.

It’s a tricky balance, though.  Both Obama and John McCain supported the bill.  The ad avoids taking an explicit position on the bailout, but it doesn’t make it sound pretty.  The ad could also damage McCain in these states unless the voters clearly connect Obama’s additional spending to his position, as the ad attempts.