Anti-Murtha ad getting play in PA

Pennsylvania has become an important battleground state for the presidential election, but it also has another important race with national implications.  William Russell, a veteran of the Iraq War who had to delay campaigning until his official release from the military, is running against John Murtha for Congress.  Russell hopes that Pennsylvanians in his district will deliver a measure of justice against Murtha for his attacks on Marines accused of, and ultimately cleared of, war crimes:

The most effective ads use the opponent’s own words against him, and Murtha supplied many examples for Russell to use. This ad reminds people of Murtha’s rush to pillory Marines in combat in order to support his own political angle, and how Murtha has remained strangely silent when his allegations were exposed as smears.  Russell is running it now, and we’ll have to await the election to determine whether its effect is enough to push Murtha out of Congress and into retirement.

If you want to assist Russell in keeping this ad on Pennsylvania television screens, you can donate to his campaign through his official website.