Obama: What happened?

Apparently, Barack Obama is no fan of irony. CNN reports on John McCain’s strategy of attacking Obama on change, with his attack on Obama’s lack of track record on reform or legislation while arguing for his own. Obama, predictably, wonders how they can make that case:

Lord, please have Obama continue to use that Bridge to Nowhere line.  It has progressed from a dumb attack almost all the way to a Big Lie.  Obama voted for that bridge — twice!  So did Joe Biden.  Obama has requested almost a billion dollars in earmarks in just three years of being in the Senate; McCain doesn’t earmark at all.

Obama is flailing, because he’s getting exposed.  All anyone has to ask Obama is this question: “what have you yourself done to effect change and reform at any political risk to yourself?”  His only examples come from bills he co-sponsored that were so uncontroversial that they passed without roll-call votes.

He takes umbrage with McCain’s attack on his theme of change, but Obama usurped it in the first place.  He made it even more obvious by picking Joe Biden as his running mate.  Obama’s talking about McCain’s advisers being former corporate lobbyists, but Biden’s son Hunter has been lobbying Congress for years on behalf of corporations.  And Obama should know — he’s cut Hunter at least one earmark himself.

McCain’s the only presidential candidate this year who has taken real political risks to effect change and reform in Washington.  Palin has done the same in Alaska, blowing the whistle on her own party’s chairman and exposing his corruption on an important state commission, quitting her own job in order to do so.  The only one writing fiction on this campaign trail is Barack Obama.