And about the Palin bubble ...

Yesterday, I wrote about the strange meme that Sarah Palin would exist in a hermetically sealed mayonnaise jar on Funk & Wagnall’s doorstep until the election, and the media would not be allowed to question her.  Team McCain issued a reply that amounted to a Bronx cheer later in the morning, but somehow this attack persisted.  Last night, though, I received today’s schedule for John McCain and Sarah Palin, which more than hints that the myth of Palin as the Girl in the Plastic Bubble was just that — a myth:

Saturday, September 6, 2008
Colorado and New Mexico

10:00am Media Interview
10:30am Satellite into AARP Convention
11:30am Media Interview
12:30pm MT “The Road to Victory Rally”
Colorado Springs, CO
1:45pm MT Depart Colorado
2:50pm MT Arrive NM
3:30pm MT Media Interviews
7:00pm MT “The Road to Victory Rally”
Albuquerque Convention Center

That looks like three set-asides for media in one day, comprising at least three hours of face time for McCain and Palin.  I’m fairly certain that the media will be more interested in Palin than McCain in these blocs of time, and I’m also quite certain that national media will ensure that they get their fair share of attention.  That doesn’t look like a media bubble to me.