McCain ad: "Recovery"

Perhaps that better describes the McCain campaign’s communications since returning from the Gulf on Tuesday.  After a quiet few days, the campaign has generated a series of advertisements pressing John McCain’s case with the American electorate.  This ad actually focuses on Ohio, which has had a tougher time economically than most of the rest of the nation.  The negative ad blames Democrats and their energy policy for the problem:

It’s a smart ad, and McCain needs to make this more of a national push. The more he talks about energy, the further he can erode Barack Obama’s formidable lead on the economy. Not only does McCain’s policy represent the mainstream for the American electorate, it also underscores his pragmatic appeal. Barack Obama speaks in almost philosophical and almost exclusively conceptual themes on just about any policy position. McCain, on the other hand, pursues realistic and pragmatic solutions, and no more so than on energy policy, in which he has taken the “kitchen sink” approach.

It’s good to see the McCain campaign get back on track with its series of ads today.