RNCC, Day 2: Back to business

Earlier, I wrote that the thankfully moderate impact of Hurricane Gustav had allowed Republicans to return to a normal convention program. I can confirm that the bustle in the hallways and in the media centers has definitely increased. Yesterday, the only recognizable faces belonged to the media. Today, we’ve seen Governor Mike Huckabee and Senator Fred Thompson making the rounds, with large media entourages in tow. Governor Jim Gilmore, running behind in his effort to beat Mark Warner for Virginia’s Senate seat, had fewer people surrounding him, but he is also making the rounds here.

I’m about to attend a press conference by the Citizens for McCain Coalition, to introduce leading Democrats coming publicly to support John McCain. Other such events are being staged today, and the delegates are preparing for stemwinders from Thompson and Joe Lieberman tonight. George Bush will address the convention via satellite this evening, as will Norm Coleman, and Michele Bachmann.

More later. I will have video from the conference as well.