Vets for Freedom ad: Acknowledge our victory!

Vets for Freedom has a new ad released that demands acknowledgment from Democratic Party officials that the surge succeeded in stabilizing Iraq. VFF makes the lack of recognition personal in this spot, with Iraq War veterans making the point that they comprised the surge, and that they deserve the recognition that comes with victory:

Vets for Freedom Chairman Pete Hegseth, a decorated former Army infantry platoon leader in Baghdad, said in a statement: “Vets for Freedom will not stand by and let the incredible progress of our troops go unnoticed by the American public and lawmakers from either side of the aisle.

Hegseth is at the convention to tell lawmakers, delegates and the press about his observation during a recent return to Iraq.

“It is essential that our top legislators — regardless of party — understand the importance of victory in Iraq, the consequences of defeat and the success of the surge,” Hegseth said. “Sen. Obama has said that he would still oppose the surge if given another opportunity and has pointed to every outside factor but the surge to explain improvements in Iraq. We hope he will listen to the veterans who have served there and support this important resolution for the sake of the troops.”

VFF focuses on one particular Democrat in their pursuit of recognition: Barack Obama. Even the New York Times reports that the surge “clearly” has succeeded; why can’t Obama? Just as clearly, any acknowledgment that the surge succeeded would serve as an admission that Obama got it wrong in January 2007 and continued getting it wrong ever since.

In other words, political considerations outweigh the truth for Barack Obama, and outweigh the right these veterans have to the recognition not just of their service, but of their victory.

You can add your voice to the Vets for Freedom effort to have the people who would command our military acknowledge the fruits of their efforts by calling or writing Obama and other Democrats.