Rangel gets his speaking slot

I guess someone finally sat Barack Obama down and explained the notion of unity to him a little more clearly:

Harlem Rep. Charles Rangel, who sources said had been denied a speaking slot at the Democratic National Convention, is now slated to speak on the convention floor this afternoon, according to today’s schedule of speakers released by Democratic officials. …

After Rangel was denied a slot, some of his surrogates approached national Democrats about having him speak. The lack of a role had angered some Rangel boosters who felt the powerful House Ways and Means chairman wasn’t being properly acknowledged.

The DNCC finally found room for Rangel after more than a week of snubs from Team Obama.  The exclusion began getting ridiculous, with a parade of Illinois state politicians taking precedence over a Congressman — and a chair of a powerful committee, whose cooperation Obama would need once in office.  When Alexi Giannoulias took a spot ahead of Rangel, one has to figure that Rangel’s allies had had enough from Obama.

Rangel didn’t get much notice for his big moment.  He’ll take the stage in the next 60 minutes after the briefest possible notice.  It reminds me of a suitor having been rejected by a maiden who waited to see if anyone or anything more interesting would pop up before the requested time, and when nothing arose, treated the suitor as though he had nothing better to do than wait for the maiden to grace him with her presence.

A more self-respecting suitor would tell the maiden to shove it.