McCain ad: "Higher"

The John McCain campaign returns to more traditional comparative advertising today with “Higher”, a focus on economic policies where Barack Obama continues to show strength. The ad starts off with the now-traditional tweak about celebrity, but then quickly shifts to tax policy:

Celebrities don’t have to worry about family budgets, but we sure do. We’re paying more for food and gas, making it harder to save for college, retirement.

Obama’s solution? Higher taxes called “a recipe for economic disaster.” He’s ready to raise your taxes, but not ready to lead.

As much as 30-second ads can stick to policy, this does pretty well. The ad lacks the specifics of earlier spots, but most of those were longer, web-based ads rather than television spots.

However, the idea that Obama’s wealth puts him out of touch is somewhat dangerous territory for McCain. I’d guess that this ad was in the works before McCain’s gaffe on houses earlier this week. In truth, both candidates’ families are millionaires living on pretty posh income streams. I don’t know that the McCains are worrying about family budgets any more or less than the Obamas. Rather than get into that kind of contest, Team McCain should keep hammering on Obama’s tax hikes in more specificity.