Video: Obama's Invesco sell-out an "underground fundraiser"

Secret web pages and hard-sale tactics have replaced Hope and Change for the Democratic convention. The CBS affiliate in Denver discovered a hidden website that sold tickets to the Invesco Field acceptance speech by Barack Obama on August 29th, while Team Obama continued to deny that tickets were anything but free. Democratic activists complained to the reporters about Obama’s sell-out:

Oddly enough, when CBS started asking questions, the site suddenly stopped offering tickets. What a coincidence!

If anyone wonders why Obama has gone into free fall this summer, this provides an easy explanation. Obama had no executive or military experience and no legislative track record in his three brief years in the US Senate. He sold Democrats on the notion that his New Politics would transform Washington. Since welching on his promise to remain in the public financing system, Obama has repeatedly proven that he’s nothing more than a Chicago machine pol with no particular qualifications to run a state, let alone a nation.

This massive attempt to cash in on his acceptance speech not only goes against everything he supposedly represented in the primaries, it stems from that singular betrayal on reform in June. Without that, he wouldn’t need the cash, and Obama could have appeared to be an agent of change. Instead, he now looks like someone who’s going after every last bit of cash he can find, and from anyone willing to cough it up. Obama has become the Sell-out In Chief in 60 short days.