PUMA alert: "Massive" e-mail campaign to derail Obama at convention

Hillary Clinton’s supporters will not go quietly, it seems.  According to a Scripps-Howard report this morning, unnamed backers of Hillary have begun a “massive” e-mail campaign insisting that she won more votes and is the only electable candidate in 2008.  Perhaps, in consideration of the polling free-fall Barack Obama has experienced this summer, they may have a point (via TMV):

A massive e-mail and Internet campaign is under way aimed at derailing the nomination of Barack Obama and making Hillary Clinton the party’s standard bearer next week at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. …

Most of the messages Lowery has received from across the country come from Hillary supporters making the case that she won more voters’ votes in the primaries, she won bigger states, that Obama won states that won’t vote Democratic in November, and that she is the only “electable” Democrat.

I’m not sure how electable Hillary would be, but Obama’s looking pretty weak at the moment.  Having jettisoned reform, he’s not shown any substantial reason why people should vote for him, which has resulted in double-digit swings in several national polls, with Zogby/Reuters showing him five points behind John McCain.  The PUMAs may have a point, at least in terms of Obama’s prospects.

However, the insurgent campaign among Democrats has an ugly tone to it, according to some who have seen the e-mails:

A pledged Obama delegate, [county party chair Keith] Norman noted that some of the attacks are overtly racist and that in one instance Obama was likened to “the Anti-Christ.”

Hold the phone!  Didn’t Obama accuse Republicans of these tactics?  When can we look forward to Obama appearing on national television accusing Democrats of being racist and xenophobic, and especially Hillary Clinton supporters?  We have seen much more evidence of that than anything Team Obama has ever produced from McCain’s campaign or the RNC, which Obama has repeatedly smeared as racist.

Things could get very interesting in Denver next week, folks.

Update (AP): Meanwhile, what’s Tony Rodham doing meeting with top McCain aides? (Sample quote: “Poor Hillary. You can pick you friends, but you can’t pick your family.”) New VP speculation: Hillary on both tickets!