Carter to speak at DNCC, Rangel still out

Jimmy Carter will help kick off the Democratic convention with a Monday night speech, the DNCC announced yesterday.  While several more names got added to the convention agenda, one name still hasn’t found its way onto the program.  And look who gets priority over the Chair of the Ways and Means Committee:

Former President Jimmy Carter, known in recent years for controversial comments about the Middle East, and yet more potential running mates for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama have been added to the program for next week’s Democratic convention.

Carter is scheduled to speak on Monday, Aug. 25th, when he will be joined by Illinois state politicians and Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

Rangel wanted a spot for a speech, proposing to help heal the divide among Democrats after the primaries.  However, Rangel supported Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama decided to make Rangel an example of what happens to those who defy The One.   He told Rangel that there simply wasn’t enough time to get Rangel a speaking slot — but now they’ve given time to Illinois state politicians?  Who’s next, Chicago aldermen?

Hey, Charlie — how does it feel to rank below state legislators in the new pecking order?

Carter’s invitation is hardly surprising, given his status as a former President.  However, with Obama proposing to run for his second term with his foreign-policy cluelessness and disastrous windfall-profits taxes, did anyone consider that Carter could make the perfect running mate for Obama?  Experience, global name, really bad policies … it’s practically a Democratic Dream Team!  Well, for Republicans, anyway …