Video: American Carol trailer

Last week, I interviewed Myrna Sokoloff, co-writer of the the David Zucker film An American Carol, but we didn’t have any trailers to show viewers. Bill O’Reilly previewed the first trailer for the film on his show last night, giving people a first glimpse at the pro-American satire that Zucker will deliver on October 3rd:

The set-up here is obvious; an anti-American filmmaker, Michael “Malone”, gets visited by three spirits of America and shown how to mend his ways. It’s an easy and familiar framework for a wide range of gags, and from the trailer, it looks like Zucker and Sokoloff thoroughly exploit it. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

My interview with Sokoloff can be seen below. It’s in two segments, thanks to some unfortunate technical problems in the middle of the call.

Update: Click on the || icon on the players to stop autoplay. Unfortunately, Ustream doesn’t give an option to leave that off. Sorry!