Video: Musgrove stumbles over corruption explanations

Sometimes in politics, the best option for a candidate is to let his opponent speak for himself.  The NRSC allows Ronnie Musgrove to do just that in Mississippi.  The former governor, running against incumbent Republican Thad Cochran, has been tied to corruption scandals involving bribery and conflicts of interest during his term, and he has a difficult time explaining himself during a radio interview:

The scandals swirl around two major contributors, Paul Minor and Dickie Scruggs, who both pled guilty to bribing a judge, and Robert Moultrie, who pled guilty to providing a “gratuity” to a public official — Musgrove himself. Moultrie ran The Facility Group, which cost Mississippi taxpayers millions of dollars in a beef-plant failure. Musgrove’s connection to this scandal has dogged him during the campaign, and anyone listening to his incoherent explanations can understand why.

Had Democrats taken the message of reform seriously, they could have had an opening in Mississippi to gain a seat. Instead, they ran a candidate who’s apparently both corrupt and incompetent.

Update: Brian Faughnan reminds me that Musgrove’s running against Roger Wicker, not Thad Cochran.  This is a special election to fill Trent Lott’s seat.