Video: "Why I'm a Conservative Republican"

This video appears to be making the rounds after a week on YouTube, and it certainly has the virtue of enthusiasm. The young man gives a series of reasons why he is a conservative Republican — a few of which our own elected representatives might have forgotten:

Something amused me about this beyond the sloganeering, which belies some of the more thoughtful videos at his MySpace TV channel. It was the way he kept looking from side to side while talking about conservatism. It reminded me of conservatives in Minnesota — furtively checking from side to side while talking politics, making sure that neighbors and fellow parishioners hadn’t overheard the conversation. That’s obviously not what’s going on here, but it certainly looked the same.

Check out his other lengthier videos, too, especially the one on Jeremiah Wright. Best takeaway line: “If you don’t want to get treated different, then don’t ask to get treated special.”

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