Video: Freedom's Watch goes after Udall

Earlier this week, the NRSC launched what may be one of the most effective political video ads this cycle against Mark Udall, currently a Congressman and running for the Senate in Colorado.  At over two minutes long, though, it has no chance of hitting television screens.  Freedom’s Watch has an almost equally effective ad against the Democrat, castigating him for breaking his promise and allowing Nancy Pelosi to adjourn the House without a vote on drilling:

“Apollo crew sleeps in! Misses landing!” Unfortunately, what Congress is doing is even worse. The Apollo crew would have missed their chance at history, but Congress short-sold our future to avoid a vote on a policy most Americans support.

Udall makes a good poster boy for this Congressional fiasco. He made the mistake of promising to stop a House adjournment, then failed to show in the event. Instead, he went on vacation while his constituents wonder when America can finally tap its own resources to solve the supply crisis. His would-be partner in the Senate, Ken Salazar, has already gone on record saying that $10 per gallon gasoline wouldn’t budge him on drilling in the OCS or for shale in his own state — where hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs could be created.

All in all, an effective ad — and one that Republicans in every state should use as a template.