Brazile: Of course Obama injects race into the campaign

Donna Brazile admitted the obvious on ABC’s This Week earlier today, but she tries to pin the blame on John McCain anyway.  After George Will points out three different times in the last six weeks that Obama has brought up the race issue, two in which he accused McCain and the Republicans of using it, Brazile allowed that Obama had done so — but only to make everyone feel more comfortable about it:

Uh, no. I’d maybe give Brazile the benefit about the Berlin speech, in which he mentioned it as a positive, but clearly in June and last week Obama meant it as an accusation. It wasn’t an inclusive statement, or a historical note, but an allegation that McCain and his campaign used or will use race as a fear tactic. Unfortunately, they have exactly zero examples of this to bolster these smears.

Brazile gave her best shot at spinning this, but it clearly isn’t working, and even the national media has taken notice of it.

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