Pakistan shocked, shocked at terrorism in Afghanistan

You have to admire the Pakistanis for their nerve.  After months of appeasing terrorists in their own country who then conduct attacks in neighboring Afghanistan, the Pakistani government finds itself shocked to have been victimized by it.  Islamabad had the nerve to complain to Afghanistan about a lack of security after a consulate got hit by a bomb:

Explosives placed on a bicycle detonated outside the gates of the consulate in the city of Herat, said Naeem Khan, spokesman for the Pakistani Embassy in the Afghan capital, Kabul.

He said a policeman was wounded but according to Mir Ahmad, a police official in Herat, two people were hurt — a police guard and a woman. …

Pakistan’s government was quick to condemn the blast and remind the Afghan government of its duty to protect diplomatic offices. “We hope that Government of Afghanistan will take its responsibility seriously,” a statement from Pakistan’s foreign ministry said.

Are they kidding?  Afghanistan has fought a war against the Taliban and al-Qaeda for seven years — groups that base themselves in Pakistan and regularly cross the border for their operations.  Kabul and NATO have demanded that Pakistan take action to stop them, and what has Pakistan done?  They have cut deals with terrorists that allow them to step up their attacks in Afghanistan.

Now suddenly, Islamabad wants Kabul to “take its responsibility seriously”. Perhaps the Gilani government should look to itself and its responsibilities first.  If they don’t take steps to keep terrorists and militias from using Pakistani sovereign land for attacks on a neighboring country, then they have forfeited that sovereignty or need to take responsibility for providing aid and shelter to hostile forces.  As the CIA told them last month, they can start by cleaning house at the ISI.

Until then, the Gilani government in Islamabad gets the Captain Louis Renault award for hypocritical sanctimony.