Does this kill the Obama birth certificate myth?

Dave Weigel at Reason doesn’t think that a key piece of information discovered by a pro-Clinton documentarian will kill the cottage industry of Barack Obama birth certificate truthers, but it will convince everyone else that this rumor has wasted far too much time already.  Lori Starfelt, a member of the PUMA movement in the Democratic Party opposed to Obama’s nomination, nevertheless found a birth announcement in an August 1961 edition of the Honolulu Advertiser — and guess who the paper congratulates for their new addition?

Hey, he's really Hawaiian!

Unfortunately, as Weigel discovers at the site that found this, it doesn’t stop the madness:

Well, that’s it. Game over: Obama was born in the States. Or… [cue Bernard Hermann sting] was he? This image actually comes from Obama conspiracist TexasDarlin, who appends it with 12 questions. Such as…

Although this announcement suggests his parents were married, that’s still an open question.

Have you noticed that there are no photos of Obama as an infant?

Barack Obama’s original birth certificate likely contains something that embarrasses him, or something that could be problematic for him legally, such as an indication of dual nationality. I STILL think he needs to produce a hard copy of the original Birth Certificate, or he looks like he’s hiding something.

The only issue for which a birth certificate is germane is the question of Obama’s eligibility for office as a native-born citizen. Obama’s campaign already released a copy of their Certificate of Live Birth which shows his eligibility, and the blurb in the Honolulu Advertiser confirms the data on the COLB.   Obama has been confirmed as Constitutionally eligible for the office he seeks.

Undoubtedly, this will not stop the speculation among conspiracy theorists.  Taking a spin through the comments and the trackbacks at the site, one title actually says in part, “Mystery continues.”  Unless someone wants to argue that the Advertiser decided to participate in a conspiracy at Obama’s birth in 1961 to provide false citizenship on the off-chance that an infant from a union of a Kenyan father and a teenage mother would run for President, then I’d say the “mystery” is over.