Right Online Conference: John Fund

Wall Street Journal political reporter and author John Fund spoke at the RightOnline conference regarding the election and tax policy.  He spoke first about the dampening mood of conservatives at many of these events, but Fund noted a great deal of enthusiasm and optimism at the ROC.  The pessimism results from broken promises and unfulfilled expectations on the part of elected Republicans, but a lot of it comes from biased reporting from what Fund called “the lamestream media”.

In this election, Fund says that the lamestream media has already anointed Obama as President.  The proof, he says, is in the network-anchor groupies following Obama around Europe.  They’re poised to ensure that the reporting that does get back to America is properly managed to boost their anointed choice.

Fund says that the nation remains a center-right nation.  He offered a few data points from polling to show this, but maybe the most effective was when Fund pointed out how Obama has shifted his positions since the end of the primaries.  In which direction did he shift?

They want to sell us on the notion that the race is already over.  The media and the Left fear fall elections, Fund says, like Dracula fears the cross.  The American electorate usually runs to the center-right in general elections.  In eight of the last ten elections, Gallup had the Democrat significantly ahead at this point, and only three of them won.  Only one Democrat since 1944 has won 50.1% of the vote in a general election (LBJ against Goldwater).

Fund scoffed at the notion that conservatives who suggest that we can win in the long run by losing in 2008.  With Democrats in charge of both chambers of Congress and the White House, the rules will change dramatically, and it will begin with the Card Check legislation — which will put enormous amounts of money into union coffers for future elections.  In Michigan, they accidentally posted an initiative that explicitly admitted that their “reform” plan meant to install Democrats in government.  Felon voting, same-day registration for voting, and more will be added to ensure a permanent Democratic majority.

If we don’t beat Barack Obama in this cycle, expect to be in the wilderness for a very long time.

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David Strom 5:21 PM on March 31, 2023