McCain gets $22 million in June

John McCain increased his fundraising in June, raising one million dollars more than in May in hitting $22 million.  Given the normally slower summer cycle and the supposed disorganization in his campaign, this comes as welcome news:

Republican presidential candidate John McCain raised $22 million for his White House bid in June and had nearly $27 million in the bank at the end of the month, campaign manager Rick Davis said on Thursday.

That fund-raising figure is a slight increase from May, when McCain raised $21 million and reported nearly $36 million in the bank.

Along with the success that the RNC has had, the McCain campaign looks to have solid financial footing for the rest of the general election campaign. They can work together to build GOTV efforts and do summer advertising in key battleground states while the DNC struggles to pay for its convention.

Barack Obama has yet to announce his June numbers.  Since peaking in February, his numbers have declined 20% or more each successive month, and in May trailed McCain slightly in fundraising.  If he drops below his May numbers in June, he may have seriously miscalculated the decision to eschew public financing.

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