No Name That Party?

WRAL obviously has a thing or two to learn about journalism. When a Republican gets caught in a sex scandal, mention the affiliation in the lede; when a Democrat gets arrested for sex crimes in connection with Satanic cult activities, avoid mentioning affiliation at all. Where’s the New York Times’ Style Guide when you need it?

Power Line also notes that Joy Johnson, the Democratic Party official — well, ex-official — also worked for the Durham People’s Alliance … which formed in support of Mike Nifong and the stripper who broke the law in attempting to frame innocent students of Duke University of the same crime alleged here. Listen to the whole report and let the mind boggle about how Johnson could have ascended to her role in the state party with a husband who advertised himself as a New Age magician, and not as entertainment.

This obviously does not represent North Carolina Democrats, but it’s certainly the kind of story that would get national press if the affiliation had been Republican.