Video: Three weeks later, still no unity in Unity

Three weeks ago today, Hillary Clinton officially endorsed Barack Obama and urged her supporters to support his bid in the general election.  Yesterday, the two Democrats staged a peace rally of sorts in Unity, New Hampshire, as Hillary repeated her endorsement.  Yet ABC News reports that a quarter of her supporters still consider voting for John McCain, and that bad blood between the two camps has yet to recede:

Did the plea work? Not especially. Several of the media outlets covering the story reported on how many Hillary supporters remain unconvinced:

Miller wasn’t buying Clinton’s plea for unity in Unity. “Obama is a fraud, and I’m going to vote for John McCain, the first time I’ve ever voted for a Republican.” She told me “the Democratic Party is a house divided. It’s not over” and that she wouldn’t rest until “Hillary and Hillary’s supporters have their voices heard.” (Portsmouth Herald, June 28, 2008)

“I don’t believe he’s the right person for the job,” said Thomas, 49, of Merrimack, N.H., who showed up at yesterday’s event wearing a Clinton campaign button. “Even in this speech it’s promises, promises, promises. Realistically, how does he think he’s going to make all these changes?” (Valley News, June 28, 2008)

“I’m not supporting Obama,” the Merrimack small business owner said. “I don’t think he’s vetted. I don’t think he’s experienced enough.” (CBS News, June 28, 2008)

Malka Yaacobi, a musician from Cambridge, Massachusetts, said that she voted for Clinton in the primaries, and Obama still did not sit right with her.  “I will not say I’ll vote for him,” she said. “ …I don’t trust him and he doesn’t have experience.” (CBS News, June 28, 2008)

One such die-hard was Carmella Lewis, who apparently is so unhappy that she found three reporters for venting her spleen:

Not everyone received the unity memo, however. Carmella Lewis of Denver chanted “Hillary” while Mr. Obama spoke, smirked throughout his remarks and then stuffed her ears with scrunched-up tissue. “I can’t listen to him,” Ms. Lewis said. “No way are we voting for Obama. We’re all voting for McCain.” (New York Times, June 28, 2008)

One Clinton voter who was not impressed was Carmella Lewis, a Clinton delegate from Denver. Lewis traveled to Unity to see her candidate one last time, and jeered throughout the event, while waving an autographed Clinton campaign sign. At one point while Obama was speaking, she plugged her ears with tissue paper. “I can’t stand him,” she said. “I’m either not voting, or I’m voting for John McCain.” (Washington Post, June 28, 2008)

“I think she has to say that right now, because I think what’s going on right now is politics,” Lewis said. “This is the candidate that won the swing states,” she said, pointing to a Hillary Clinton for President sign. “This is the candidate that won the large states, and she has the popular vote! If the vote were taken today, hands down, Hillary Clinton would be the delegate winner.” (ABC News, June 28, 2008)

Of course, the numbers cited by ABC will eventually drift downwards, but they may still remain significant.  If Obama can’t convince all but a few of Hillary’s supporters to remain in the Democratic tent, he’s going to have a big problem convincing enough centrists and independents to replace them.  And as long as Hillary is focused on retiring more than $20 million in debt, she won’t be available to assist him — even assuming she’s interested in doing so at all.