Gonna be a long election ...

Just how painful will this election get? We already have a couple of data points. King Banaian at SCSU Scholars noticed a trend at his university. In what will be a series of daily posts, King looks at the indoctrination of St. Cloud State students into the “white privilege” arguments of Jeremiah Wright and Bernadine Dohrn, among others:

King writes:

The picture above is a bulletin board that appears in the back stairwell (at the first landing) of the classroom and office building in which I work. Its title, “Daily Effects of White Privilege”, describes a set of thirteen sketches — amateur, perhaps done by children but I do not know the artists, they are not signed — that are to describe things that white people take for granted about the lives they lead. Next to each is a sentence describing that privilege.

He wonders what message this sends to prospective students of the university. I’d say it says, “Vote for Obama” pretty plainly. He’ll have more of these pictures every day this week. For those who don’t recall, here’s the video of Bernadine Dohrn expounding on white privilege as well as naming America as a “monster”:

The second data point comes from an exchange between Oliver Willis and Jon Henke, noted at QandO:

Oliver Willis resorts to stereotype in an attempt to frame the right:

Now, I know in the eyes of many on the right this [Trinity United] is just some black church that could be firebombed for all they care…

Jon Henke answers appropriately:

As far as I can see, the only notable person who has spoken positively of domestic bombing is…Bill Ayers, a colleague of Barack Obama.

So here’s the meme from the Left: If you oppose Barack Obama and are concerned about all of the radicals in his public circle, or if you don’t believe in the concept of “white privilege”, then you want to firebomb churches. Criticism will be construed as racism, and no dissent from Obamamania will be tolerated.