Obama plagiarism scandal redux

Some will recall the similarities between Barack Obama’s “Just Words” speech and almost identical rhetoric from a previous David Axelrod client, Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts. When YouTube videos juxtaposing both speeches started making the rounds, Patrick leaped to Obama’s defense, saying he had counseled Obama and urged him to use Patrick’s arguments — apparently foregoing any attribution. This morning, Obama had better find Mario Cuomo to jump out front of new criticism after stealing from his 1984 speech:

Can Barack Obama develop an original thought in his head? He borrowed “Just Words” from Patrick. He lifted “Yes We Can” from Cesar Chavez, and in some cases didn’t bother to translate it into English. Now he reaches back to the rhetoric of a disastrous cycle for Democrats to copy an old, tired line of attack.

Once again, Barack Obama gets exposed as an empty suit. Maybe if Barack Obama would do more than just visit the Senate but hold hearings on Afghanistan, pay attention to Iran, and really investigate the upcoming entitlement crisis, he’d be a better candidate for President. At least he might be able to generate an original thought or two rather than regurgitating the Democrats’ Greatest Flops.