Pastor expiration date? Pfleger gets suspended

Apparently the Chicago diocese has had enough of Michael Pfleger, at least for now. The cardinal has suspended the controversial priest who called America the “greatest sin against God”, and who mocked Hillary Clinton from the pulpit last week:

CBS 2 News has learned that Francis Cardinal George is temporarily removing Father Michael Pfleger from his position as pastor of St. Sabina Roman Catholic Church on Chicago’s South Side.

CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine reports the move comes after several days of deliberation and consultation by the Cardinal, who first learned about Pfleger’s racially charged comments about Sen. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton from the pulpit of Trinity Unity Church of Christ last Thursday night.

The Cardinal immediately contacted Pfleger who agreed not to refer to the presidential candidates by name, but as CBS 2 reported at the time, there remained the possibility of some further disciplinary action against Pfleger.

The Catholic Church, as it turns out, doesn’t care to have its priests making themselves into national stories by endorsing presidential candidates. Nor do they need an association with Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, with its racially-charged demagoguery. Francis Cardinal George may have been late to the party with Pfleger, but at least he finally arrived. Pfleger has been allowed to conduct his brand of lunacy for far too long as a member of the Catholic clergy.

Cardinal George has selected someone to take over the pastoral duties at St. Sabina, at least temporarily. I suggest they send him back to the seminary to discover why this is so incorrect:

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