Andrea Mitchell: Hillary camp "acknowledges it's over"

Bad news, Chaosters — it looks like Hillary Clinton will throw in the towel before the convention. According to Andrea Mitchell at MS-NBC, the big loss in North Carolina and the narrow win in Indiana has convinced even the Clintons that they just can’t get to the nomination. Mitchell says that Team Hillary is just “going through the motions”:

Mitchell must have heard this from fairly high-level sources in the Clinton camp, but it begs the question: why bother running out the string? If Hillary thinks it’s over, then wouldn’t it make more sense to cut a deal to eliminate her campaign debt and endorse Barack Obama? Perhaps Hillary isn’t the Clinton that needs convincing.

If Mitchell has this right, Hillary’s out by June 4th. After that, expect to see her shilling for the man whom she said only offered a “good speech” as opposed to the life experience of John McCain. It won’t be the biggest twist we’ve seen from a Clinton, but it will be one of the more entertaining.