MS-NBC out-bikinis Fox by skipping the bikinis

All right, fair’s fair. Two weeks ago, I tweaked Fox News for kicking off Sweeps Month by giving us an in-depth report on a teacher who moonlighted as a bikini babe on a charter boat and got fired from her day job. It turned out that the teacher got terminated for attendance, but it gave Fox an opportunity to show lots of skin.

It’s still Sweeps Month, though, and MS-NBC decided to outdo Fox. How does a news organization top a bikini fest? Take a look to find out (definitely Not Safe For Work, via the News Junkie):

How lame is this? HBO did a documentary on Spencer Tunick eight years ago, so his life project of photographing naked people en masse hardly qualifies as cutting edge or breaking news. It’s not even particularly compelling; after the first couple of times one sees an ad hoc nudist colony, the concept loses its appeal, especially considering the volunteers Tunick attracts.

And if MS-NBC didn’t grab you with mass nudity, then their explosive report on boob-job websites might do the, er, trick. Perhaps this is a good time to run this JibJab classic:

What We Call the News | Funny Jokes at JibJab

Update: Fixed the embed link. Also, I’m no prude, but I’d like my news to be …. you know …. news.