Bubbaruption: Bill chews out Obama-supporting heckler

Some are claiming that this latest Bubbaruption shows the former president remains a big liability for Hillary Clinton, but in this case I think he’s on solid ground. Bill stumped for his wife in Fayetteville, West Virginia, but got interrupted at a rally by an Obama supporter, who charged that Hillary and Bill never did anything about health care. Bill got angry as he usually does when heckled, and called the allegation “crazy” (via TMV):

It’s hard to make out what the heckler said to enrage Clinton, but the mini-interview at the end provides the answer. The Obama supporter claims that Hillary “campaigned like hell” on health care during the 1992 election, but two weeks after the inauguration, she “disappeared” into the White House and never emerged. Regardless of how one feels about the Clinton effort on health care, Bill’s right about one thing: the heckler’s either crazy or an idiot. Hillary ran the Health Care Task Force for the better part of two years and emerged with a plan to nationalize health care. She and Bill staged an enormous public-relations campaign which definitely got results; the Democrats lost Congress in 1994, and Hillary went back to normal First Lady duties, such as dashing through Tuzla’s airfield.

The Obama supporter claims that her version is “fact”. That demonstrates the fantasy life in which many Obama supporters engage. Don’t crush their dreams by pointing out that Hillary did indeed work on health care (in dangerous ways), or that Barack Obama has done exactly nothing on the issue for the three years he’s been in the Senate. Hope and Change aren’t about facts, after all — they’re about feelings. And who cares if Obama supporters have no grasp of history or facts as long as they feel as though they do?