A taste of war on the voice mail

An accidentally activated cell phone gave a soldier’s family an unexpected — and unwanted — insight into combat. The Petee family found a three-minute voice mail from their son Steven Phillips, a specialist stationed in Afghanistan, but all they heard was gunfire and Phillips’ shouts for more ammo, at least until the hair-raising end:

Phillips had accidentally called home during a firefight in Afghanistan. Having tried to reach his family in Otis, Ore., earlier that day, the phone’s “redial” feature was activated as Phillips pressed against the cell phone mid-battle. Mother Sandie Petee found the three-minute message which ended with the words “incoming R-P-G!”

In addition to the chaos and gunfire, what appears to be the soldiers identifying where enemy fire is coming from is also heard. “Back in the corner,” someone shouts. Moments later, “We need more ammo.”

“The tape cuts off with ‘incoming R-P-G!’ so we started calling him and finally got a hold of him and found out that he was ok and that they survived,” Petee said.

The ABC link has the entire three-minute voice mail, but the video has the most harrowing moments. Fortunately for Phillips, the RPGs didn’t find their targets that day, and he will come home next week at the end of his deployment.