Video: John Murtaugh on Weather Underground attempt on his life

Greta van Susteren interviewed John Murtaugh on Fox last night to discuss the 1970 attack on his family by the Weather Underground. Murtaugh wrote an op-ed piece last week reminding people that William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn didn’t just target military assets with their domestic terrorism. Murtaugh’s father, a judge presiding over the trial of 21 Black Panthers accused of a conspiracy to commit their own acts of terror, became the WU’s target as a strategy to force the state to release the defendants:

Murtaugh himself makes the point that Eric Rudolph rightly rots in prison for his bombing attacks on abortion clinics and the Atlanta Olympics. Ayers and Dohrn, on the other hand, have entered the highest circles of Chicago political elite, Ayers has tenure at a state university, and both have entree to a man running for President, who would command the forces that Ayers and Dohrn bombed. (Dohrn also has a track record as an accessory to armed robbery and murder of police officers.) Needless to say, this does not please or amuse Murtaugh in the slightest, and neither should it please or amuse the rest of us.

Watch both clips. Van Susteren does a good job, I think, in remaining objective in her questioning of Murtaugh. She asks some probing questions and makes Murtaugh work a little, especially in the second part, but in the end it makes for a stronger case. It brings out the Annenberg Challenge and other connections, which have escaped the notice of the mainstream media until now.

Just in case anyone wonders, like Van Susteren does, whether Ayers and Dohrn have mellowed, revisit this post and the speeches both gave last November. Dohrn still wants an “overthrow” of capitalism, and Ayers still thinks that Red China is on the right track while railing against the “unimaginable authoritarianism” of the US over the last 40 years. And Barack Obama considers this “mainstream”.